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Guiding and steps by steps

New User

First time users can browse our website through https://www.dapurselesa.com/ and select the menu icon at the top right corner.

A menu will show, click on the orange button “My School Order”.


At the Sign In page, users can click “Sign Up Here” to register as a new user.

Sign Up page

In the Sign Up page, users are required to fill in :-

  • The children’s school,
  • A valid email address and phone number, and
  • Login ID with minimum 5 characters.

Then click “Sign up” button to complete the signup process.

New Student

Upon successful registration, “New Student” page will pop up and the user is required to register his/her child name, class name and etc if any.

Note : to add and manage your “children” can refer to the next step.

Meal Ordering

Users can now place meal orders for the child after successful registration. The calendar shows are based on the setting with available meal sections (morning break, lunch break - upon availability).

Select the order date and the food menu for the date will pop out. Click “Add to Cart”, the particular food menu will be added into the calendar based on the children's name.

Orders for the following week can be placed on Monday of each week and ordering will be closed by 2:55pm each Friday. Confirmation of order will be approved everyday at 5pm, from Monday to Friday only.

Complete Meal Order

After completing all the meals ordering on the calendar, click the green “Check Out“ button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the next step.

Check Out page

At the Check Out List page, select the food portion and beverage based on availability. The price will be updated accordingly, then click the green button “Continue” for the next step.

Confirm Order page

Confirm Order page is to double verify the order. Users can still cancel the order 3 days before the confirmed date. You will receive an email stating Confirmed Order.

Pay Now page

Pay Now page is for the user to make payment. The payment method is based on availability.

For E-Wallet : Select pay by “E-Wallet” button. Next, the system will proceed to the payment screen. Currently, the available e-wallet payments are TnG, ShopeePay, Boost and MCash only. Select your payment preference and click the "Proceed" button for payment.

For Credit Card : Select "Credit Card" button, then fill in all the necessary information as required. Then click on "Proceed" button to make your payment.

For more detailed information about payment can proceed to 'Payment through e-Wallet' and 'Payment through Credit Card' section in FAQ.

Any enquiry please contact us at the Contact page in our website.

Payment Records

All payment records will be recorded at “My Payment”.

Note: Payment successfully verified will be sent to the user.

My Order page

After payment is successfully verified, the user can see his/her orders at the “My Order” page.

[ * ] To cancel the order (3 works days in advance), the user can click on the red button “Request Refund”.

Note: DAPUR SELESA will handle the refund process within 7 days.

Cancellation Order

Cancellation is allowed 3 working days prior to the meal date.

e.g. on 5th April you have made an order from 12th to 16th April and if you have decided to cancel for 12th April, cancellation must be made through the My Order before 6th April 2:55pm. Cancellation will be refund within 7 working days.

Change or Reset Password

Forgot Password

Users can change their password for security reasons or reset a forgotten account password.

  • Click “Forgot Password” at Login page.
  • Fill in your previous registered email address at the Request Reset Password page.
  • and you will be acknowledged by email.

Food Container (Applicable for Certain Schools Only)

Purchase Container

Certain school policies required students to have his/ her own food container.

  • This is applicable for first time purchase only and the default unit of purchase is 2 units which will be used to exchange with students during the next meal delivery.
  • System will automatically include the charges of 2 units of containers during the first time purchase only, from DAPUR SELESA SDN BHD.

Payment through e-Wallet


Select pay by “E-wallet” button. Currently, the available e-wallet payments are TnG, ShopeePay, Boost and MCash only.

Desktop view

Users will be directed to the official payment portal. Next, click e-wallet and a dropdown list of the available e-wallet options will be shown.

Select your payment preference, then click on the “Proceed” button. The payment QR code will be shown either on the next page or below the same page.

On your mobile phone, open the respective e-wallet apps and scan the QR code.

Mobile view

In the mobile view version, the payment steps are the same as the desktop version. After clicking on the “Proceed” button, the system will directly open your mobile payment apps and the user can proceed from there onwards. Example, TnG.

Payment through Credit Card

Credit Card Button

To pay by credit card, select pay by “Credit Card” button.

Credit Card Payment

For credit card payment. Please select the payment option “Credit/Debit card“ followed by “Proceed” button then fill in all the necessary information as required.

Update Student Class

After Login

Users are required to update student class as we enter into the new year. After login, a dialog box will pop up for user to update 'Student Name' and 'Class Name'. Click 'Submit' after done update.


User can also click 'Setting' on the the navigation bar and update Student details accordingly. Click 'Submit' after done update.